Pauly and Vinny were there? Did they dance with girls?

Just wanted to let everyone know that this blog will be back up and running in about a day. I’ve been away from home on vacation for a while, and busy with working, but I promise this will be all be back very soon. Unfortunately, updates might be only once or twice a day because I don’t want to run out of ideas before the next season.¬†

Keep submitting ideas to the ask box though! I promise I’m working through them all. :)

Do you get your quotes from watching the episodes and writing them down or by looking them up on google?

Usually neither. Sometimes I get the quotes from watching an episode and just remember them/write them down (I have a massive list of those to work through), and a lot of the time they come from what people submit. Once in a while I’ll use part of a quote from a screen-cap off tumblr, as well. :)

Ronnie and Sam <3